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English story

Love"s Song Part 3

        Tác giả: st

“ Miss Yuri, you can leave today.” Dr. Brown informed her.” Feeling better?”

“ I’m fully recovered, due to your careful treatment. Thank you.” Yuri said, packing up her books.
“ You know, Mr. Vacur is a fine young man.” Dr. Brown said suddenly.
Yuri looked up in surprise.” Yes indeed he is.”
“ Do you really think he can replace Mr. Simon’s place in your heart?” the doctor stopped cleaning and looked down at his hands.” He will never be Simon, you know. My wife died, and though I’ve met some fine yound women, they will never replace her. Are you really loving him, or just using him as a mere shadow of Simon? If you’re just using him, you will hurt him more than you can imagine.”
Yuri looked down, too. New that Dr. Brown had mentioned it, she wasn’t sure anymore if she wanted Thomas. She didn’t want to hurt him and use him merely because he looks like Simon. She can’t pretend he is Simon, because he’s not. That would be too unfair for him.
Yuri suddenly realized she was still standing in the ward. She quickly bid the doctor goodbye and left.
Yuri reached her dormitory thirty minutes later. Emily stood there, glaring at her.
“ Emily, what—“
Emily slapped Yuri across the face.
“ You filthy little hag, how dare you get involved with Thomas?” the girl snapped, hre face in a frightful glare.” I told you to stay away. He’s mine. You just like him because he looks like that wretched brother of your Simon!! You have to break up! You’re hurting Thomas rather than loving him!” she glared at Yuri, hate in her blazing blue eyes.
Yuri was staring intently at Emily, tears in her eyes. They weren’t tears from the stinging pain, but from the fact that Emily was right.
“ I can give him real love! How can you just come in and break us apart? We were a fine couple before you came in! You’re so unfair to me, and to him!” Emily glowered at Yuri, then stormed out of the room.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Student, as you all know, “ Mr. Spiel’s voice came through the loudspeaker.” The annual music ball is to be held in one week. The gym will not be available due to decorating. Please prepare.”
Thomas looked eagerly at Yuri. He had gone to the last ball with Emily, but this year he was looking forward to a real nice and romantic time with Yuri. However, she wasn’t looking his way, or was she avoiding his eyes?
After class, Thomas hastened to catch up with Yuri.
“ Yuri, let’s go to the ball together.” He said, taking her hand.” It’ll be great.” But she didn’t reply.
“ Thomas, I—I don't think I’m going to go.” Yuri stammered, to Thomas’s surprise.” I’m a little ill this week. I think I’m going to rest for a bit.” Yuri shook free of Thomas and wasked away, her head bowed. A few minutes later Emily came up, to Thomas’s dismay.
“ Thomas, “ she said sweetly.” Since Yuri’s not going, are you willing to come again with me?” she batted her eyebrows furiously at him in a kute way. Thomas stared after Yuri, who was well out of sight already. Then back at Emily, who was looking anxiously at him. He nodded.
Emily’s beautiful face broke into a smile.” It will be a success.” She took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, then left.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Yuri, tell me what’s wrong.” Thomas begged.
“ I told you, I’m ill.” Yuri replied.
“ You’re hiding, I can tell.”
Yuri bit her lip, then turned to him in a matter-of-fact way.” Thomas, I don’t want to hurt you, OK? I don’t know if I’m really loving you, or I’m just seeing Simon through you.” She blurted out.
Thomas looked astounded.” But I thought—“
“ Yes, you thought I love you! I don’t know if it’s real love, Thomas! Just, please, go with Emily!” Yuri began to tremble uncontrollably. She got up and ran, ran all the way to the dormitory, well out of Thomas’s sight.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Yuri, you have to go to the ball.” Emily pleaded, a purr in her voice.” Go with Randy, he asked you. That way you won’t hurt Thomas and you will get to have fun also.” Emily reached into her suitcase and pulled out a beautiful dress of red satin. Shse measured Yuri’s body quickly.” We’re about the same size. Here, this is a dress of mine. It fits you perfectly. You can have it.”
Yuri looked at Emily, surprised at her sudden kindness toward her.” No, this is too beautiful and exquisitive—“ she began, but Emily shoved the dress into Yuri’s arms.
“ You simply must go,Yuri. I’ll wait for you at the ball.” Emily said hastily, and left before Yuri could refuse.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
The night of the ball was cheerful and wonderful. Finally Yuri gave in to Emily’s endless nagging and dressed in the red satin dress. Emily and her crowd of friends were to meet their dates in the gym, but Randy waited for Yuri.
Thomas and Emily stood chatting. Thomas had worn a long and handsome black suit and a tie, while Emily wore a red satin dress. The gym was crowded with people, half of them Emily’s snobby and popular friends. Thomas’s mind kept drifting to Yuri, and twice he had started for the door to go visit her but was stopped by Emily.
Just then his eyes caught on a flash of red that just entered the gym. It was Yuri, and Randy, and she was wearing exactly what Emily was wearing. Shocked, Thomas dropped his cookie. Emily noticed too, and suddenly put a hand to her head. She looked aThomas, who caught her.
“ I feel so ashamed, Thomas. Yuri told me she didn’t like that dress, that it was ugly and a waste of money, yet she goes and buy the exact same one to the ball. I think I’ll go back to my dormitory before she sees me.” She sped away before Thomas could stop her. He was still staring in stunned silence at Yuri, a look of disbelief and disgust on his face. She had lied to him, and she had lied to Emily. She told him she wasn’t coming, and yet she turns up with Randy. What kind of rotten heart does she have?
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Two days had passed since the ball, and Thomas refused to speak a word to Yuri. He stayed with Emily, who was beyond happy. She had won Yuri Kowan, finally. Yuri began to feel the horrible pain more often and sometimes she felt weak and tired. She decided to ignore it, but the pains and weakness came more often, so she went for a check-up from Dr. Brown. Yuri waited patiently outside of the examination room while Dr. concluded the results.
He came out two hours later, his face somber and the conclusion paper shook in his trembling hands.
“ Yuri, the results were that you have received none other than lukemia.” The doctor said.
For a moment, Yuri was sure she had misunderstood him.” I—I’m sorry, Dr. Brown?”
“ You have caught lukemia, a cancer that affects your blood.”
Yuri looked carefully at the doctor to make sure he wasn’t joking.” M-Maybe you should do the results over again—“
“ Yuri, I did it three times already. There is no mistake.” The doctor said gravely. “ I’m afraid the only way to cure lukemia is to do surgery. But the price is unreasonably high—But I suppose you can always try the medicine.”
“ I’ll take that, then.” Yuri said quietly.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
The medicine bottle shook in Yuri’s hand as she stumbled back to the school. Lukemia? How could it have been this serious? She never imagined it was that bad. What will she do now? Certainly she couldn’t afford the operation, but what else is there to do? Maybe, just maybe, Yuri thought, the medicine will cure me. I’ll just have to wait and pray.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Thomas glance uneasily around him. He had a feeling someone had been following him ever since he had left Emily. They had gone to music class together, then she went off shopping. And he just went for a walk.
A dark shadow flickered past again. Thomas spun quickly, but there was nobody in sight. Damn it, he thought. Escaped again. He moves really quick. He was just about to turn when the culprit lunged out at him. Thomas yelled in surprise but ducked just in time. The shadow fell a few feet before him but got up quick as a flash. It was Randy. Randy pulled out a gun and pointed it at Thomas.
“ Randy—“
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^
Yuri returned from the hospital, her ears pounding slightly.
“ You will not live for lond,” Dr. Brown’s words rung in her ears.” If you don’t do the operation, there is a chance that you will die shortly. And even the operation can only extend your life span and not fully cure it.”
Yuri was immersed in her thoughts when a deadly voice reacher her ears.
“ I am son of the gang leader, your filthy father’s master.” It was Randy’s voice! Yuri quickly ducked behind a building to listen to the conversation.
“ My father?” came Thomas’s surprised voice.
“ Your father, Marcus Vacur, was a filthy piece of crap. He stole money from my father when he was broke. He deserved to be killed. Now my father is dead, the gang is dismissed, and yet I’m the only one who remains loyal to my father.” Randy held out the gun.
Yuri clapped her hand over her mouth in horror. She reached quietly into her purse and pulled out her cellphone. Glancing uneasily at them to see what Randy was doing, she dialed 911 and gave them the address. The police said they would be there shortly.
She turned back to Randy, but Thomas was talking now.
“ I never knew my father, and I don’t have one either.” He said coolly, glowering at Randy.
“ For years I have followed you to kill you. I have killed three of the unloyal gang members already. And now, to get rid of you.”
Yuri gasped. She heard sirens, but Randy seemed not to notice. Yuri ran to see the police cars. Officers leapt out and they ran back to Randy and Thomas.
Half way there, Yuri heard a blast, no doubt Randy had pulled the trigger. There was a muffled yell and Yuri’s heart stopped.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Yuri,” Dr. Brown informed Yuri, who was waiting outside of the emergency room anxiously.” The situation is grim. Thomas was shot severely in the stomach and a whole part of his liver is ruined. The only way to help him is for someone to transfer part of their liver to him. But—“
“ I’ll do it.” Yuri said instantly.
Dr. Brown sighed.” I was afraid you would say that. But you have to understand that you have lukemia and if you transfer your liver, or part of it to Thomas, it will shorten your life span.” He said.
“ Please, Dr. Brown.. Please, I have to help him!” Yuri begged.
The doctor sighed.” Well, alright. I see you truly love him.”
“ Please don’t tell him I did it.” Yuri said. The doctor looked astonished.
“ But why would you not want him to know of your love for him?” he asked.
Yuri looked away.” I have hurt him enough. I don't want him to know that I sacrificed part of me. He’ll regret and feel bad for the rest of his life. Just say that you cured him, please.”
The doctor sighed for the third time.” Well alright. If you are so stubborn about it. Come to the operation room.”
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
The next day Yuri’s operation had been completed successfully. Thomas was still uncouncious but Yuri was awake and getting ready to leave.
“ Thank you, Dr. Brown. Please don’t tell Thomas. Take good care of him.” She said.
Just then the door opened and Thomas entered. His face was pale and tired. Yuri gasped and hsut herself quickly in the closet in the doctor’s office.
“ Thomas, what are you doing up from bed?” she heard Dr. Brown ask.
“ I’m alright, Dr. Thank you. I expect I will be able to leave in a few days?” Thomas asked. Yuri thought his voice was more hoarse and strained then usual.
Suddenly she felt pain rapidly streaming through her bones and muscles. Her whole body felt immensely weak and rubbery. Her vision was turning from black to normal and to black again repeatedly. Unable to control herself, Yuri fell with a loud thud. Thomas, who was heading out the door, turned. But Yuri was saved by Dr. Brown.
“ Oh, damn it, it must be the books in my closet again. And I just restacked them!” he said exasperately.
Thomas smiled wanly and left. Yuri began to cry. She wanted Thomas to know she loved him, but she didn’t want to hurt him anymore. The doctor helped her out and let Yuri cry.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Hi, mother. How are you?” Yuri said into the phone. It was night back at the dormitory and she was calling her mother.
“ I’m fine, Yuri, dear.” Susan Kowan’s voice replied.” And you?”
“ I’m—“ Yuri considered for a moment to tell her mother about her situation, but decided against it.” I’m alright, mother. Can I ask you if you could ever forget father?” she asked quietly.
“ No, Yuri, I will not forget your father ever.” Mrs. Kowan answered.” I will not, and I cannot. Because once someone is deep in your heart, you will never be able to forget him.”
Yuri felt tears roll down her cheek.” Thanks, Mother.” She whispered.” I’ll talk to Thomas then.” She added vaguely, before she knew what she was doing.
“ Thomas who?:” Susan Kowan suddenly demanded.
“ Thomas Vacur.”
“ Him?” cried Mrs. Kowan to Yuri’s great surprise.” You have to break up. You cannot be with him.”
“ Why? Do you know him mother?”
“ N-No, well yes, Yuri. I’ll fax an article to you right now, then you’ll understand.”
They chatted for a while longer, then Yuri hung up. She watched the fax machine as an article was printed out. She read it, and gasped”
December 28th, 2001
. Mr. Leon Spiel came to Sacromento for some meetings he had to attend in the name of his father, Mr. Aaron Spiel. It was then that he lost his young life. Late in the night of Demcember 14th, his car had collided with that of Simon Kowan’s, and he was sent directly to the hospital. Simon Kowan was killed instantly after the crash. Leon had received a severe bump in the head and a variety of cuts, but no big danger, and was sent back to London, England two days later, where he lived with his father and stepbrother, adopted Thomas Vacur. However, four days later, it was said he developed tumer from a bump in his head and died a week later.
Yuri looked up, stunned. So it was Thomas’s brother who had killed Simon. Leon had killed Simon. Thomas was as good the murderer of her brother.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Thomas bumped headlong into Yuri after music class the next day. She looked up at him firmly.
“ Yuri, let’s not break up.” Thomas, said, grabbing her arm.
She looked up at him and saw a look, he wasn’t quite sure what, glistering in her eyes.
“ I’m sorry, Thomas. We were never ment to be together. We can never be together, either.” She said. She swung free of him and walked away. As she did, a piece of white fax paper fell out of her bag. Thomas picked it up and read. As he did, his eyes widened in horror and he understood. His brother had killed Simon, the person Yuri had loved most in her life.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Father, how did Leon die?” Thomas asked Aaron Spiel.
The man stopped in his tracks and looked at Thomas in surprise.” Why do you ask?” he asked sharply.
“ Tell me!” Thomas exclaimed.
“ He died with cancer, don’t you know?” Aaron Spiel said.
“ He killed Simon Kowan, Yuri’s brother, and then developed tumer from the crash, right?” Thomas cried.
His father froze.” How did you find out?”
Thomas shoved the letter in his father’s face. The man read it and sighed.
“ I knew how much you love Yuri, I didn’t want you to know.” Mr. Spiel said.
“ How did things become this way?” Thomas yelled.” Why is love so unfair? Now she will hate me forever. I am the brother of Simon’s murderer!”
Meanwhile Yuri was back in her dormitory, her cellphone held tightly in her hand. She hestitantly dialed Simon’s beach house number. Yuri waited for the four rings to pass, then Simon’s voice: Please leave a message.
“ Simon,” Yuri whispered into the receiver, her voice choked with misery.” I haven’t called you in a long time. How are you? I am in love with the brother of your murderer. I can’t control my emotions, Simon. You had always been a good resource. Please help me.” Yuri paused, so her tears would not spill. She swallowed, then went on.” Help me, Simon. I don’t know if I should love him or not. Mother said a person who is deep in your heart is unforgettable. That person was you, but I’m not sure if Thomas has replaced you or not— please help me decide—“ Yuri’s voice trailed off as she broke down completely. She felt pain burn her muscles and drain out her energy, and she squinted in her pai. The telephone receiver fell out of her hand and crashed to the ground. The power button hit the floor and the phone shut off. Yuri slumped onto the floor and clutched her chest, wincing in pain. She crawled to her bed and climbed in.
How long she slept, Yuri didn’t know. But it was break, so she didn’t have to worry about school. When she woke up, the sun was shining through the curtains. She still felt weak, but didn’t feel any pain. Yuri got up and dressed, and was about to leave when there was a knock on her door. Yuri opened it and found Thomas standing at the doorway.
“ Oh, hello.” Yuri said quietly.
Thomas studied her.
“ Yuri, you look terrible.” He said, concerned. He reached out to touch her face, but stopped.” Uh—I just want to tell you that Mr. Spiel has appointed me to go study in France, and—and—“ he stopped and looked down.” And, well, I just wanted to tell you.” He turned to walk away.
Yuri felt her heart break again. Thomas was going to leave her. What should I do? She thought desperately. He was going right now, maybe leaving me forever, just like Simon. Before Yuri could decide, she ran up and hugged Thomas around the waist. He stopped moving and stood still.
“ Thomas, I love you!” Yuri whispered, her tears falling and she lay her head on the back of his shoulder. She tightened her arms around him.
Thomas felt the prickling feeling at the corner of his eye again, but he didn’t let the tear fall. He lay his hands on hers.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
Thomas and Yuri walked along the sandy beach, their bare feet crashin with the waves.
“ I’m sorry, Yuri.” Thomas said after a moment of silence.
“ It’s ok.. It’s not your fault.” Yuri said quietly, shifting her feet.” And plus, it’s already in the past. You’re right, I can’t live in the past and shadow forever.” She felt a sudden gust of wind hit her insides and closed her eyes and waited for it to go away.
“ I leave the day after tommorrow. My stuff’s packed already.” Thomas said awkwardly. Yuri took his hand.
“ Thomas, when will you come back?” she asked.
“ In a year.” The boy replied.
Yuri thought how long and painful that period of time would be without him. Then tell him not to go, he’ll listen, part of her brain was saying. She opened her mouth but the other half of her brain restrained her. No! if you want him to be happy, think for him, think for his career. This is very important to him, let him go. She suddenly felt weak and her stomach churned with pain. Yuri put her hand over her stomach and she knelt down, still holding Thomas’s hand. Her weightt pulled him back.
“ What’s wrong, Yuri?” he asked.
“ I-I slipped and I fell.” Yuri said befor she could stop herself. It was the lamest lie she’d ever heard of told. Thomas laughed and pulled her up.
“ Good luck there, Thomas. I’ll wait for you to return.” Yuri said, squeezing his hand. He squeezed her hand in return to show his appreciation. Yuri felt her stomach churn again and she flinched. Thomas put his hand around her waist and she felt better. Her vision was clearing and blurring again.
“ Thomas, it’s cold. I think I’ll go rest now.” Yuri said.
“ I’ll walk you to your dorm.” Thomas offered.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ How could you let him go?” Emily screamed, pointing a finger at Yuri.
“ I let him go because it was his wish.” Yuri said sincerely, sitting down on her bed.
“ Yuri Kowan! How dare you say you give him true love!” Emily shouted.” If I were you, I would not leave him! If I were you, I would always be at his side! If I were you—“
“ Emily, you’re only thinking of what you want. How could you be so selfesh?” Yuri asked, taking a step toward Emily.” How could you say you truly love him. Have you ever considered what he wants? You think about what you want him to do! Not what he wants for himself!” she stopped and for once glared back and stared firmly back at her. Emily sneered.
“ There are many ways to love. You always think you do everything for the best. Not always your ways are the best. And just because I don’t want him to leave doesn’t mean I don’t truly love Thomas!” Emily turned on her heels and stormed out.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^
“ Thomas, please don’t go to France!” Emily begged. She and Thomas were in an empty classroom.” I’m your girlfriend, please don’t leave me!” she hugged Thomas.
“ Emily, I’m sorry, but I have to go.” Thomas said.” Even Yuri—“
“ Then let’s get married and I’ll go with you!” Emily went on, trying to stop Thomas from mentioning Yuri’s name.
“ What are you talking about, Emily?”
“ Why is that girl so much better than me to you?” Emily screamed.” If today Yuri said this to you instead of me, would you say yes?”
“ I’m not going to answer that question.”
“ Why not?”
“ Because Yuri would never be so unreasonable!”
Emily burst into tears.” So loving you, not wanting to loose you is being unreasonable? Fine, go to France! I don’t care!” she ran out, sobbing.
^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^ * ^^^^^^^
“ Thomas, take care.” Yuri said. They had arrived at the terminal to France.” Remember, I’ll wait for you.”
Thomas nodded.” Emily came to me yesterday and said loads of nonsense. She didn’t want me to leave.”
Yuri forced a laugh.” Well, I don’t either. But you’re coming back.”
They bidded goodbye and Thomas turned toward the departing gate. Yuri stood gazing after him. She didn’t want him to go, she wanted to call for him to come back. Pain struck Yuri worse than ever as she watched Thomas step into the terminal gateway. Thomas, don’t go, she whispered in her heart, her forced-back tears flooding out of her eyes. Thomas, please don’t go, I need you. Yuri felt her vision turning white from the light and she placed a hand on her head to steady herself. Thomas, come back.. Please don’t leave me. Come back. But the airplane had taken off. She watched the plane’s wheels lift from the ground and Thomas was gone. Yuri felt pain torturing her. She coughed and coughed. And felt something on her hand. Slowly, Yuri lifted her hand from her mouth. It was blood. She had coughed blood.
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